CyberTrends 2018 by GCA and Verizon, London

I was at the event organized by Global Cyber Alliance and Verizon in London. In this article you will find what was the most relevant you must know as a cybersecurity expert.

The point of view of the City of London

We had the great chance to have Charles Bowman (Lord Mayor of London) to give his point of view. We could learn that cybercriminality, in fact is only criminality coming to the cyberspace.

  • 50% of the criminiality acts now involve cybercriminiality in the town of London. To be true, I did not know my self this was so hight. There was an explosion of cybercriminialty for the last 5 years, and cities are investing a lot.
  • In the same time, we had the confirmation that most of cybercriminality acts are done with basics technics, not involving high tech skills. And the first one is social engeneering.

Verizon Report

This for me was the most important news. Verizon launched it’s annual report on cybercriminality with numbers and facts. As a global carrier, they have a wide visibility on what’s happening to theirs customers.

So this year, you will find a great report with analytics depending your industry. As cybersecurity experts, we often speak about threaths, but it is hard to use statictis, we need it to convince people.

The report just here ->

Need to share information

An International Panel talked also about the main trends. And we specically learn that is it still hard to get information on cyberattacks from everywhere. In fact, nations need to share data, because at this end of the day, all over the world, we face the sames problems.

From a US and French perspective, I can clearly confirm that we are more afraid of foreign allied countries than our own international cybercriminals. I truely believe that must change. And starting to share information, like Global Cyber Alliance do, is important for our future and the ones of our families.

Global Cyber Alliance

What I love about Global Cyber Alliance is that, they are not just talking as many cyber organizations I know. They are focused on providing solutions. And they do with 2 technicals applications :

  • QUAD9 is free security solution that uses DNS to protect systems against the most common cyber threats
  • DMARC is a solution that brings together email authentication protocols, and adds reporting and compliance.

And these 2 solutions are really important as we use many old protocols, in a time where cybersecurity by design was not common.

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